Thank you for doing such and excellent job as air conditioning mechanical contractor and going above and beyond the call of duty! Everything is working great now.


My AC was having a hard time cooling the house so I called a Hughes Mechanical and Electrical Contractors LLC. I was impressed with this company. They were professional and offered the best price to repair my cooling system.


Excellent and high-quality refrigeration service. Was pleasantly surprised on more than one occasion and will certainly pass you details on to friends and family etc. Take care.


You can't beat the service. Hughes Mechanical is trustworthy and their employees know what they are doing. You can count on them when it comes to Electrical or HVAC work.


I am very pleased with Hughes Mechanical and Electrical. Last evening, my air conditioner went out. I called my home warranty company and was informed that it would probably be three days before a repairman could come to check the system. The outside temperature was over 100. I called Hughes and spoke with Tony. He came to my home within 45 minutes. He was very professional, courteous, and efficient. He replaced my blower motor and checked other parts of the system and was done within an hour. Thanks to Tony, I am able to be comfortable in my home. This kind of service is very much appreciated.


While I have not had any repair work down by this business, the gentleman did talk to me about a problem I was having with my outdoor outlets. He solved my issue by phone! I had another more well-known business come out to quote me for the repair. He never looked at my outlets or breaker box. He then quoted me \$250 to replace a circuit. Mr. Hughes figured out all I needed was to reset the GFI. He saved this mom of 4 a lot of money at Christmas time. Thanks!


I use Hughes both professionally and personally- They stand behind their work and charge a very fair rate for their services. I would refer them to anyone that needed an electrician or air conditioning company.


Great service for very fair prices. I can t recommend Hughes Mechanical highly enough 10 stars would be more accurate. Chris and the guys have come to the rescue several times. I have COPD and when the weather is HOT breathing becomes an issue. The ac quit on a Sunday last summer so we called and left a message asking if they could come first thing Monday a.m. then packed up to go to a hotel. Chris called me back a few minutes later saying he was at the Ranger game with his family but was on his way. Of course I said, no stay, but knowing my condition Chris insisted. 20 minutes later him and Tony where at my door. Turns out that my blower went out. They ran to the shop but didn't have the correct unit. Called some people and found it. From the time we called to the time it was running was about an hour or so. We are truly in debt to this man and company.


A/C in my house stopped working on Labor Day weekend. Not good. Of the half dozen companies I tried to call, Hughes Mechanical and Electrical Contractors LLC were the only ones working.They arrived on time, had a great demeanor, quickly fixed the problem, and charged a very reasonable price.