Commercial HVAC and Residential HVAC

Hughes Mechanical and Electrical provides commercial HVAC, industrial HVAC and residential HVAC services to the greater Dallas/Fort-Worth area.

The technicians at Hughes Mechanical and Electrical have over 47 years of experience and expertise to service, maintain and repair HVAC systems.

Commercial HVAC and Industrial HVAC Services

Count on the experts at Hughes Mechanical and Electrical to service, repair and maintain your building systems. Maintaining these systems is critical to protect your capital investment in commercial HVAC equipment, optimize energy efficiency and satisfy occupant comfort.

We understand that extended down-time can potentially cost our customers revenue and production ability. So, when a customer calls our office, only seasoned, knowledgeable professionals, trained and dedicated to serving you and solving your HVAC needs, will answer the phone.

Residential HVAC

At Hughes Mechanical and Electrical, our focus is your comfort and peace of mind. From the moment you first speak to us on the phone, to the last tech you see, each qualified team member believes in doing the very best for our customers. We are your experts for servicing, maintaining and installing the HVAC system in your home. Whether you want to save money on utility bills or eliminate hot and cold spots in your home, we are here for you. Contact us now.