Commercial Lighting

Hughes Mechanical and Electrical provides commercial lighting services to the greater Dallas/Fort-Worth area.

Commercial Lighting Services

​Hughes Mechanical and Electrical can install, maintain and upgrade commercial lighting systems and help your business to save money with cost-effective, energy-saving lighting. Our upgrades and installations are long-lasting and work well so you can concentrate on building your business.

​Our technicians are available to repair light poles, inspect and replace lamps,replace and repair ballasts, adjust and program time-clocks, perform lighting and maintenance on signs, repair and replace fixture lenses, perform contractor electrical services, and perform troubleshooting on commercial exterior lighting.

If you already know that your exterior lighting is in need of maintenance or repairs, give us a call for a free estimate! Our team is made up of top quality experts and specialists in the electrical field. Hughes Mechanical and Electrical has been in the business of excellence for over 47 years. Experience the peace of mind you deserve knowing that knowledgeable experts are on the job.